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A high-level discussion of U.S. – Africa policy in today’s context by those individuals whose body of work has impacted and advanced issues affecting the continent of Africa and U.S.-Africa policy. Distinguished speakers have included Members of Congress, senior Administration representatives, public policymakers, business entrepreneurs and civil rights champions, as well as African regional leaders and presidents, including former Presidents Festus Mogae of Botswana and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia. To date, the series has influenced an audience of over 11,850 people by strengthening their knowledge on issues impacting the continent of Africa and U.S.–Africa relations. The Series has helped to garner support for Africa from the U.S. government, academia, the private sector, civil society organizations, and businesses. Named in honor of the former Chairman of The Africa Society Board, the Series was launched in 2002, in partnership with African embassies and is hosted at these embassies on a rotational basis


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Ambassador Andrew Young delivers a silver anniversary lecture entitled, “Africa: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow —A Perspective”.

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