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CNN: "Guineans cast ballots in presidential poll" http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/africa/11/07/guinea.election/index.html   Sunday, November 7, 2011 marks Guinea’s first free and fair presidential elections since the country gained its independence 52 years ago. This is the first election to move the country from military rule to democratic governance and is a major milestone for the region of West Africa. This election follows the primary elections last June in what was called “the nation’s most credible and democratic election ever.” The results of the June poll allowed opposition leader, Alpha Conde, and former prime minister, Cellow Dalein Diallo, to compete in Sunday’s runoff. Reports indicate that the election was a close race but generally transparent, peaceful, and technically sound.   While both parties seemed satisfied with the elections it was not without its complications. Diallo, the front runner, noted that his coalition was short on representatives to monitor the voting in some regions due to displaced supporters fleeing recent ethnic and political unrest. At least 2,800 people have been displaced since election proceedings began, however local officials of Diallo’s coalition claim the number is more likely between 15,000 and 20,000. The people who fled potential violence said they had been “threatened with death by…