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Addis Fortune (Addis Ababa): "First Ever Carbon Credit Trade" http://allafrica.com/stories/201010220379.html   The World Bank recently bought the Ethiopia’s first ever carbon credit for $34,000 from the Humbo Community Based Forest Management Project. The deal was introduced by World Vision Ethiopia to try to shift the communities surrounding the Humbo forest from cutting trees for subsistence to profiting from its preservation. The World Bank has pledged to invest $726,000 in carbon credits from the project in the next 10 years.   This project is an example of one type of carbon trading and the “first large-scale forestry project in Africa to be registered by the United Nations (UN) under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol.” The idea behind this type of carbon trading is to offset the emissions from the developed world, by creating incentives to preserve forests which absorb carbon in the developing world. Currently these carbon credits are bought and sold voluntarily, as is the case for this project.   The $34,000 spent by the World Bank will be divided between the 800 members of the project’s cooperatives. This is said allow the local communities to preserve the forest without financial burden to themselves. The money will also…