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The Presidential Tours of Africa Series

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The Presidential Tours of Africa Series


The Presidential Tours of Africa are a series of comprehensive films that highlight African countries and follow their Heads of State as they take viewers on an in-depth tour of their country. The Africa Society in partnership with the Travel Channel began its Presidential Tours of Africa Series in 2003 with the premiere of "Uganda: The Presidential Tour," led by President Kaguta Museveni and hosted by journalist Forrest Sawyer.

After the success of the film, the series went on to feature Ghana in 2005 and Botswana in 2008, both hosted by Sawyer. In April 2010, the fourth installment of the "Tour" was Senegal hosted by former NFL player Tiki Barber. The World Bank hosted the world premiere that included a special appearance by President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal.

The groundbreaking films have reached over 180 million households with positive and accurate images of Africa, showcasing each nation’s unique tourist attractions, natural wonders, industry and modernity.

These positive images of Africa promote tourism and combat the pervasive negative stereotypes that continue to plague the continent.