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The Julius Nyerere Fellowship

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The Julius Nyerere Fellowship

Launched in February of 2004, the Julius Nyerere Fellowship was established for graduate students who have a keen interest in US-Africa Relations and African affairs. The Fellowship is named in honor of one of Africa’s most respected figures, Julius Kambarage Nyerere. The founding father of independent Tanzania, Nyerere was the first African statesman to endorse and be actively involved in the National Summit on Africa. A politician of principles and intelligence, he was a symbol of the African independence movement and served as Tanzania’s first president after leading the country to independence from Britain in 1961. He worked tirelessly for peace and justice on the continent.


The Nyerere Fellowship enables outstanding scholars the opportunity to analyze in depth the economic, political, and social dimensions of foreign policies (including development assistance and trade initiatives) undertaken by U.S. administrations and the U.S. Congress vis-à-vis Africa. Each scholar gains professional experience in the field of international affairs, thus expanding and enhancing career development. The Nyerere Fellowship demonstrates to U.S. policymakers the significance of Africa and motivates them to look at the formulation of their foreign agenda and priorities geared toward the continent.


Qualified candidates must:

* Be enrolled in a graduate program in international relations, African studies, or related field
* Have outstanding academic records
* Have strong interest in International Relations, especially in U.S. – African Affairs
* Have excellent writing and research skills
* Be well organized and detail-oriented
* Be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel
* Have written endorsement from faculty advisor and one professor
* Be attending a university in the greater metropolitan area, as the fellow’s physical presence is required for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

The responsibilities of the Fellow (may be major-specific):

* Conduct research pertaining to U.S. foreign policies, programs and initiatives for Africa.
* Document the impact of U.S. policies and programs on African nations, including examples of success, problems encountered, key issues uncovered and solutions under consideration.
* Analyze data in the specific topical areas of Democracy and Human Rights, Peace and Security, Sustainable Development and the Environment, Education and Culture, and Economic Development (specifically trade, investment, and job creation).
* Assist in the drafting of a key document that will outline the status of U.S. – Africa relations since 2001

Qualified candidates are requested to email, fax or mail resume and cover letter addressed to Bernadette Paolo, President of the Africa Society:

The Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa
1100 17th St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20036
Tel: (202) 232-3862
Fax: (202) 232-3870
Email: bernadettepaolo@africasummit.org